Jordan Pailthorpe

producer of products, designer of games, creator of compelling user experiences

My production work includes analog/digital games, web based products, event production, video production, and research evaluations. My most recent projects are Emerging Citizens, a suite of digital civic skill building multiplayer games, DataBasic, a set of tools that teach how to work with data, and "Handwashing with Ananse", an international research evaluation to study the effectiveness of game based curriculums in promoting health practices. I previously led the creative production and launch of Risk Horizon and Unlocking Health, two digital games made in collaboration with the World Bank, as well as the product development and launch of the new Engagement Lab @ Emerson College website.

In addition, I am the Vice President of Digital Curation for the Boston Festival of Indie Games and teach media studies and game design at Emerson College. I hold an MFA in Creative Writing.

Boston, MA